a Carved Giraffe, Stuffed Mushrooms or Hair Accessories?

Next Kazoo Perfomance:
Saturday - 7/1 1:30 & 3

Jerry Hager is accomplished in the extraordinary age-old art of mime! Mr. Hager has founded the San Diego Pantomime Theatre, and is currently the organizations Executive and Artist Director. He is also an adjunct faculty member at Grossmont College Theatre Arts Department, a performing artist and an instructor with Young Audiences of San Diego. Mr. Hagar has written and directed 13 Solo One Act Mime Stories and Mimodramas (Mime plays) and performed or directed in 25 others. Jerry has also been the San Diego Seaport Village Mime, Kazoo, since 1980! Kazoo is entertainment at its best. Music and mime combine into clever scenarios in three live animated productions at Seaport Village's Top Hat Theatre: "Curiosity", "The Dreamer", and "The Legend of the Magic Puppet".   

Terry Godfrey  
Next Terry Godfrey Perfomance:
Sunday - 7/2 12 & 1:30

Terry Godfrey is one of Southern California's favorite entertainers. His performances include State Fairs around the country where his blend of magic and comedy come together for a truly memorable show! With his mix of comedy and magic, and years of interacting with crowds, his approach is both professional and entertaining. The Terry Godfrey magic show is spectacular entertainment for the whole family. In 2002, Terry won the competition for being the funniest magician at the International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention held right here in San Diego. For interactive magic, filled with laughs, Terry Godfrey is superb. Come prepared to laugh and be amazed!   

The Jackstraws  
Next Jackstraws Perfomance:
Tuesday - 7/4 12-3

The Jackstraws have been together since 1979. The group specializes in costumed, strolling, interactive music, with a flare for theatrics and comedy. With a nine-member core of musicians, Jackstraws provide trios and quartets to support a variety of themes. Since 1982, the Jackstraws have been regular features at Sea World San Diego. And since 1987 the Jackstraws have been the Safari Bush Band at the San Diego Zoo, with their zany mix of comedy and audience interaction. From season to season, the troupe of musicians/entertainers follow the holidays by appearing as Great Dickens during Christmas, the Irish Revue during March, and tailoring events for local destination management companies. As musical entertainers, Jackstraws have been working with the Port of San Diego and the San Diego Airport as meet and greeters for arriving dignitaries as well as tourists. The Jackstraws are truly San Diego Ambassadors!!  

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