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849 West Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

 Hours:  Open Daily 10am - 9pm
Summer hours: 10am - 10pm

The carousel is bigger. It's more beautiful. It has more horses and a larger menagerie of animals, all hand carved by world-renown artist Charles Looff almost 110 years ago. And, it's now open and booking special events! Make your fundraiser, school field trip, birthday party or other group event special by having it at the venue everyone loves... Seaport Village. Call 888-387-3879 for information and reservations.

Built in 1895, the carousel is owned by Historic Carousels, which own the world's largest collection of authentic, hand-carved carousels. It features 54 animals, 13 of which are menagerie animals, including a giraffe, dragon, teddy bear, elephant, camel, dog, lion and more. It also includes 2 horse-drawn chariots. All of these horses have natural horsehair tails. It is 54 feet across and is built in 20 sections. It also includes 40 hand-painted landscapes. "This is one of the two best carousels in the entire nation," says Brad Perron, owner of Historic Carousels. "Most of the carved animals on carousels of this vintage have been sold to individual collectors. And they just don't make them this way anymore."

Admission: $2.00.  

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