Specialty Chocolate Molds, the Money Bar or Hot Sauce?

PO Box 720656
San Diego, CA 92172
FAX: 858-458-6649

 Hours:  Daily 11am - 4pm

Delicate images of butterflies, flowers, birds, fish and much more, colorfully hand-painted on imported satin silk to present personalized messages and names. You can find all this near Upstart Crow Bookstore in Seaport Village.

Oriental Leather Brush Art is a beautiful, ancient art form originating from Korea, the "Land of Morning Calm." Using a leather tipped brush and water-based paints, names or messages are delicately painted on hand-made rice paper or satin silk. Each letter is formed by combining images of birds, flowers, butterflies, fish, bamboo, sunsets, and other scenery objects. These represent "good luck" symbols: the birds, flowers, and butterflies signify love, peace, and joy; the fish represents prosperity; the bamboo signifies good health and longevity.

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