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867 West Harbor Drive Suite C
San Diego, CA 92101
FAX: 619-234-4413

 Hours:  Open Daily 10am - 9pm

World View is a fascinating gift shop that captures the creative spirit, culture and interests of people from around the world. In addition to museum reproductions, we carry exquisite hand-crafted gifts, collectibles, jewelry, music, games, and multi-cultural and inspirational books and cards which generate a warmth of human feeling that is qualitatively different from most other shops.

Gift ideas include hand-blown perfume bottles from Egypt, wooden boxes from Poland, Egyptian statuary, Russian nesting dolls, Irish tin whistles, Celtic gifts, Astrology and Zodiac gifts, English collectible boxes including Harmony Kingdom, Pot Bellys and Isle of Gramarye faeries and mermaids. Ironwood carvings from Mexico, worry dolls, pan flutes and assorted gifts from Latin America, Chinese dragons, pandas, buddhas, and elephants, Chokin porcelain collectible plates and mugs from Japan, authentic leaded stained glass suncatchers and window art, African soapstone, wood carvings, elephants, giraffes and safari themed gifts, Tuskers elephant figures, Holly Yashi earrings from America, Feng Shui jewelry, bells and more!  

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